Alfresco 42" Dry Storage PantryAlfresco 42" Dry Storage Pantry

Alfresco 42″ Dry Storage Pantry

  • 42″ width in high or low profile design to maximize storage in any outdoor kitchen
  • Foam gasket on cabinet face creates a water tight seal for dry storage
  • Stainless steel construction for outstanding durability
  • Slide–out drawers and adjustable wire shelves for versatile storage options
  • Integrated rain gutter diverts water away from pantry
  • 42″ High Profile Cut-out Dimensions 40 3/8″w x 23 3/8″d x 31 3/4″h
  • 42″ Low Profile Cut-out Dimensions 40 3/8″w x 23 3/8″d x 19 3/8″h
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Store dry goods, cookware, tools, and more in a complementary sealed environment, safe from weather and pests. Four sizes with interior drawers and shelf. Sealed pantries feature drawers and adjustable shelves. Foam gasket on cabinet face makes for a tight seal, and a new integral rain gutter diverts water around and away from the cabinet. Completely sealed, this AXE model pantry provides the convenience of not having to tote everything to your outdoor entertaining area every time you are ready to get grilling.