DCS Patio HeaterDCS Patio Heater

DCS Patio Heater

  • Produces comfortable heat up to 15 feet away from the unit
  • Uses infrared radiant heat to warm people and objects, not the surrounding air
  • Durable stainless steel body can withstand harsh outdoor climates
  • 56,000 BTUs of heating power
  • Operates on natural gas only
  • Wireless Remote sold separately
  • Dimensions 48″w x 7 3/4″d x 10 1/4″h


An outdoor heater in your favorite restaurant always makes a dinner more enjoyable. You can have the same warm experience in your outdoor kitchen with the DCS Built-in Patio Heater. DCS has a long history of producing safe, efficient and high-performance outdoor heaters for restaurants and hotels, and applied this knowledge to produce heaters for residential outdoor settings. The attractive wall-mounted heater features 56,000 Btus of comfortable heat up to 15-feet away that extends the season for dining outdoors. This Built-in Patio Heaters feature durable, weatherproof stainless steel construction and is available for natural gas only.